Future Offerings

In an effort to develop and deploy courses that meet the current industry needs here are a few possible future courses.  Please tell us your level of interest should they become available.

Synergy Fundamentals

Synergy Fundamentals is an excellent class for those who are new to the industry or just wish to brush up on their skills.  We look at the basic building blocks that make up our system designs and installations from the ground up.  Featuring discussions on AV Math, Ohms Law, AV Project Life Cycles, Installation Best Practices, Basics of Understanding Electricity, Basics of Audio and Video.  Many find that after successfully completing this course they are well prepared to attempt the CTS exam.

2-Day Course, On Site

Earn 20 Avixa RU’s for Successfully completing this course. (CTS, CTS-D, CTS-I)

Synergy Design

Synergy Design is for the new Designers.  We will look at the fundamentals involved in AV System Design.  We will uncover a better understanding of the Consultants role and processes within the AV project.  Topics will also include AV Math for Designers, Best Practices in Design, Deeper understanding of Audio and Video signal flows.  This course is not meant to be a tutorial on AV Design itself, but rather an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of AV System Designs.  Many find that after completing this course they are well prepared to successfully attempt the CTS-D exam.

2-Day Course, Onsite

Earn 20 Avixa RU’s for successfully completing this course. (CTS, CTS-D, CTS-I)

Synergy Installations

This course is designed to provide a road map to better AV System installations utilizing industry best practices.  We dive into tips and tricks that can aide even the most seasoned AV Installer.  Understanding industry standards and best practices techniques in deploying AV systems can make a fundamental difference in the success of your organization.  Many find after completing this course, they are well prepared to attempt the CTS-I exam.

2-Day Course, Onsite

Earn 20 Avixa RU’s for successfully completing this course. (CTS, CTS-D, CTS-I)

Zoom Rooms Designer

This course is designed to aide the Zoom Rooms Designer in applying the Zoom PSO standards to their Unified Communications rooms.  We will explore the 13 types of rooms that Zoom PSO recommends along with the hardware and best practices for design and implementation.  We will utilize Starin’s Zoom Rooms Builder tool which removes all of the guess work and product research when putting together a Zoom Rooms system.  Attendees will leave with a license for the Starin Zoom Rooms Builder to use in their locations.

1 Day Course, Onsite

Avixa RU’s TBD

Zoom Rooms Systems Sales

The Zoom Rooms Systems Sales is a course designed for the sales team of any integrator who wishes to find success in the Zoom Rooms system sales.  We will evaluate the PSO Standard of rooms and where and how they can be deployed successfully.  We will discuss how to overcome objections and what the key points are to successfully transitioning clients to the Zoom Rooms ecosystem.

Online Course

Avixa RU’s TBD

Your Voice

Last we want to hear what topics  you feel would be valuable or needed within the industry.  As AV experts, who knows best what limitations or lack of understanding exist in the AV ecosystem.  So propose an idea to us and we will be happy to evaluate its merits and do our best to find a way to support the need.

We want to hear from you!

Let us know which of the above courses you would be interested in, or suggest your own.

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