DTEN D7 Conferencing Solution

This online course will introduce you to all of the unique features of DTEN’s D7 conferencing solution. We will examine the D7’s features and form, and how to implement it into your next conference room successfully.

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Zoom Rooms Installation (Online)

 Installation Online allows the participant to learn at their own pace through a series of online modules. These modules will guide you through step-by-step installation process of a Zoom Rooms Conference system.  Being familiar with which products will be included in the deployment ahead of time will assist in being able to develop your skills for a quick easy install.  

Zoom Rooms Master Series (1-Day Hands-On)

This course is designed for the experienced installer who just wants to become familiar with the Zoom PSO Standards.  The layout components of the course are covered much quicker with less focus on the individual pieces and more with the overall management of the process.  All of our courses are designed to be extremely interactive and fun. 


Zoom Rooms Master Series (2-Day Hands-On)

This course is designed for those who are not as familiar with Zoom Rooms or are newer to installation.  We will spend time covering each component within the Zoom Rooms PSO Conference and Huddle Room design as well as the industry Best Practices for proper installation.  There will be more hands on cabling with an emphasis on understanding the management of the signal flow and separation as well as general cable management practices. 

Future Offerings

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