Starin is offering a Fast Track Master Installation Certification for Zoom Rooms.  The Zoom Rooms Boom is real and taking a strong hold in the Unified Communications sector.  By deploying on-line courses our attendees have the ability to brush up on their skills or learn completely new skills with regards to Zoom Rooms installations.  We then take what was presented in theory and put it to the test in a real world practicum course.  This isn’t just death by PowerPoint this is roll up your sleeves and lets put our knowledge to the test.  Following the Zoom Professional Services Organization (PSO) Standards we will deploy systems that only meet the top level of interoperability.  Even the most experienced installers will be able to find some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that every Zoom Rooms installation can be completed efficiently and with zero defects each and every time.

This is only the beginning.  Starin will continue to grow it’s online and hands-on courses throughout the year.  Led by one of InfoComm’s Educator of Year Recipients, Malissa Dillman, CTS-D, CTS-I, has been creating educational opportunities for the AV Industry for well over 10 years.  Her 20 years of experience and down to earth style of presenting makes the courses not only educational but enjoyable to participate in. 

Course Offerings

DTEN D7 Conferencing Solution

This online course will introduce you to all of the unique features of DTEN’s D7 conferencing solution. We will examine the D7’s features and form, and how to implement it into your next conference room successfully. 

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Zoom Rooms Master Series

There are several components to the Zoom Rooms Master Series Certification. In this series, we offer the Zoom Rooms Installation Online Course, and upon completion, you can register for one of the Zoom Rooms Hands-On Installation Courses.

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Future Offerings

Want a sneak peek at what we are planning? Take a look at some future courses we have planned. We want to teach what you want to learn, so your feedback is vital. 

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