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Starin is pleased to announce the launch of our new educational offerings with Starin Learning Curve.  Here you will find a continual update of new learning opportunities.  We are beginning with a class on a revolutionary new product, the DTEN D7.

Coming soon we will be launching a Zoom Rooms Installation Certification program.  It will consist of two learning components.  The first online course promoting the best practices for installing Zoom Rooms.  The second component will consist of a 2-Day hands-on class where the attendees will physically install various Zoom Rooms. 

The combination of successfully completing these two courses will result in a new Zoom Rooms Certification sponsored by Starin.  The online course is a pre-requisite to attending the hands-on class.  We anticipate launching the online course on March 1ST.

If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding these new course offerings from the Starin Learning Curve please complete the form below.  We will be happy to provide you with more information as it becomes available.

DTEN's D7 Conferencing Solution

This online course will introduce you to all of the unique features of DTEN’s D7 conferencing solution. We will exam the D7’s features and form, how to implement it into your next conference room successfully.


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Zoom Rooms Master Series

Starin is pleased to introduce the Zoom Rooms Master Series. We will begin by offering an online course on how to install a Zoom Rooms system. This will be followed by a live hands-on course.


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Zoom Rooms Master Series Hands-On

Early Spring 2019 Starin will begin delivering this unique hands-on course which will allow installers to put their skills to work. A two-day live course featuring practical exercises on how to best deliver a variety of Zoom Rooms.


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